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Zion Urgent Care Clinic
25311 Kingsland Blvd 190
KatyTX 77494
 (832) 447-6454
Zion Urgent Care ClinicUrgent care in Katy, TX. Walk-in clinic for your non-emergency medical needs.
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item imageExamsDOT exams, Workers Comp exams, Pre-employment, School and sports entry, Drivers License
item imageVaccinationsHepatitis B, MMR, seasonal flu shot, Tetanus (dT, Tdap), PPD skin test
item imageChildrenSchool exams, fever, ear infections, strep throat, rashes, sprains, allergies, abrasions, and more
item imageHeart & ChestPalpitations, high blood pressure, dizziness, EKG interpretation, cough, heartburn, cold and flu symptoms, reflux, bronchitis, COPD
item imageLab ServicesX-rays, quick tests for strep, flu, pregnancy, UTI, blood in stool, drug screening, CBC, CMP, lipids, Diabetes and other labs (thyroid, testosterone, vitamins D & B12)
item imageMusculoskeletalSprains/strains, minor fractures, dislocations, muscle spasms, tendinitis, steroid injections
item imageHead & NeckHeadaches, ear pain, neck/shoulder strain, sore throat, foreign body removal, eye pain or redness, pinkeye, allergies and itchy eyes
item imageProceduresAbscess drainage, burn management, IV fluids, wound repair, freezing of warts & skin lesions, orthopedic braces and splint application

Flu Shot for Only $50 Plus a Complimentary Exam

Urgent care center Katy, TX

Don't bring life's little emergencies to the Emergency Room. There is no need to pay an enormous bill on something as small as a cut or the stomach flu. These minor health problems are very easy for urgent care providers to treat. They can be as easy as a quick walk-in appointment to Zion Urgent Care Clinic!

We are an urgent care center with short wait times and affordable medical care. Our staff of providers, registered nurses, and receptionists are all courteous of your needs and provide you with unmatched care. While you wait in our waiting room, you can enjoy amenities such as complimentary beverages, snacks, TV, FREE WiFi, and children's leisure. We also have a private prayer room available!

From migraines to stress fractures, our new facility is here to treat you. Call us today, and we will help you continue to feel better!

No Appointments · Most Insurance Accepted

The importance of urgent care is, without question, a big deal. Many citizens pay skyrocketing prices for medical care, which includes the stressful costs of Emergency Room visits. While the ER is essential for patients with life-threatening illnesses and injuries, nothing is worse than seeing a big bill for something as treatable as an ear infection.

With no appointments necessary and most major insurance providers accepted, we can give you efficient care at a price that's not alarming. You get immediate medical attention and an easy way to get well soon!

Out-of-pocket costs are also low. These often span within the $25-$100 range for patients without coverage.

Our Services: Call For Care

  • Urgent Care
  • Occupational Medicine
  • DOT Exams
  • Physicals (School & Sport)
  • Skull Exams
  • X-Rays

*While we proudly treat a wide range of medical concerns, please dial 911 if you face a life-threatening medical injury or illness!


Both founders of Zion Urgent Care Clinic are firm believers! Each is an active member of Katy, TX, local church, Grace Fellowship United Methodist Church and founder Mercy is a prayer leader. They give each of our patients the opportunity to privately pray during their visit, as praying has an impact on one's health. Praying has the following benefits:

  • Fights Depression
  • Improves The Immune System
  • Decreases Blood Pressure
  • Gives Sense of Well-Being


When you need care, you know where to go! We are at 25311 Kingsland Blvd in Katy, TX, and are easy to reach by calling (832) 447-6454. No appointment is necessary!

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